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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Reactions from Nigerians Trail The Claim That 5G Network Causes Coronavirus

Numerous conspiracy theories shared on and off social media claim that 5G mobile networks are the cause of coronavirus pandemic.

This has been asserted to be false by AFP. Experts have said that 5G is based on radio frequency and that this does not create viruses according to AFP.

This claim was recently amplified by popular American singer Keri Hilson who asserted that coronavirus is caused by fifth-generation wireless technology, known as 5G.
Below are some reactions to this claim of 5G causing coronavirus by some Nigerians:
Mr. President,

Do NOT allow 5G in Nigeria & if you have already done so burn it.

Do NOT accept face masks & other accessories from the Chinese to help prevent coronavirus.

Do NOT accept help from Chinese doctors.

Do NOT accept any anti-Coronavirus vaccines from ANYONE.

Whether it is true or not that they are already laying cables of 5G in Nigeria or not. Govt must not allow it in Nigeria and should take a proactive step in that regard. 4G that is here in Nigeria sef na problem. 3G dey do everything i need i beg... We must watch out...

It's really amusing how people swallowed and digested the misinformation about 5G in Nigeria being the cause of Covid-19.

We can as well blame the lack of power on 5G.

Infact, 5G is the main reason my neigbour always beat me on FIFA20. Yes, now I understand.

I stopped believing that 5G in Nigeria voicenote when the man said a time will come when chips will be inputed in our body and 666 will be written on the chip.

5G in Nigeria

Here’s a thread, read carefully

First the 5G is dangerous to human cells and even killed plants close to it,

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads Rev 13:16

5G is Definitely not the Cause of Covid 19 as speculated in your WhatsApp Voice Note but some report shows it could be Def Dangerous to Human Health. Those saying No to 5G in Nigeria might have a point

Do y'all really understand what 5G in Nigeria really mean. Do y'all research at all? What's the point of your education when y'all can't think beyond your capabilities. 5G existed since 2018 and adopted 2019. Australia, Monaco, new Zealand, norway, south Korea all uses it.

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5G in Nigeria!

5G is not the cause of CoronaVirus.
Some electromagnetic radiation like Gamma can cause genetic mutation but that not what 5G uses.

According to reports, exposure over a long period of time to 5G electromagnetic radiation may lead to health challenge like cancer.

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